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What was your first memory? Does it happen to have a printed image to go with it? Do you have a vague memory because an image was printed? I know mine. I was probably about 4 years old, wearing my jammies, holding my stuffed bunny and sitting on the front steps next to a pumpkin. It just so happens, there’s a picture of it. I do remember it, but I don’t know if I would have if there wasn’t an image of it. That image is totally yellow and printed with rounded corners straight from the early ’80s and I cherish it!
Images are important and trigger memories that are so obvious when you see them, but are so hard to remember when it’s not right there in front of you. When you think about what you will remember from your wedding, will you remember all the fun details? The way you looked at each other right after the ceremony? How your mom looked at you during your vows, and on and on.
Now, do you open your wedding images on your computer and look at them casually with your loved ones? I sure didn’t!  It’s finally time to order your wedding album!!!

Every year my husband and I bring out our album on our anniversary and relive the fabulous day. Our kids are so interested in all the details and love seeing pictures of their family before they were born. Yes, wedding albums are important! It’s the last step in completing your wedding journey. Let’s create it together so your most special day will have a physical representation in the real world, not just on a computer screen. Something that can be passed down with the generations.Maui Wedding AlbumA lot of couples nowadays are looking into printing albums on their own through more every day printing companies. You invested a lot of time, love and energy into your wedding. The same love  and quality should be represented in your wedding album. The album printing company I use has 100+ year archival printing that guarantees quality, calibrated prints and top of the line materials that won’t fall apart over time.

How the Design and Order Process Works:
If I’ve had the pleasure of photographing your wedding (THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Miss you guys!) send me an email, call or DM. Tell me what size you’d like (I recommend 10×10) and I’ll predesign a select set of images from your day. Once it’s ready we can schedule a video call for your design consult. You can make any changes live while we go over your album design together online. It usually takes about an hour. You have the option to take out individual photos, add photos, swap layouts, etc. Cover options include full page image, cameo cover, or your names engraved on linen or leather. There are a lot of font options as well. We’ll make sure you love the final design before it gets sent off to print. So easy!!
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Let’s make a pretty album for you!!

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