Portrait Tips

Big Beach Portraits Makena Maui#1 – Let me know if you’re looking for specific pictures and where the images will be presented. For instance you could be wanting one large wall print, collage of wall prints, a guest book, a memory photo book, or open to ideas. If the images will be on the wall, are you looking for long tall images, or panoramic, or traditional cropping? These are just good things to think about before the shoot so you can visualize possibilities for neat photo presentations.

#2 – Regarding clothes, a lot of people wear khaki and a color, black and a color, or a mix of those. It creates a nice photo if you can possibly overlap in a color scheme. For instance 2 people wearing khaki and blue and 2 people wearing white and blue. It is a good idea to avoid all white, extreme colors, clashing prints and logos on your clothing. Many people want to wear all white, but incorporating some color for contrast provides a much better photo. If there is any predominant color in your home, you can incorporate that color into your clothes to tie the photos into your home’s color scheme.

#3 – If you are staying on Kaanapali or Airport Beach and would like to do a shoot there, they are actually closed to commercial photography. We can go to a pretty beach nearby though.

#4 – A lot of the wedding tips can be applied to portrait tips also. Check out that page and see if any apply to you!

#5 – Bring a change of clothes and a towel for after the shoot. Quite often we’ll get our feet in the water and sometimes deeper!

#6 – Tap into your inner child! We’ll do some nice smiling “normal” photos of you, but we’ll definitely do some fun candid ones too. It helps to just let go and have fun!