Chef’s Table with Maui Executive Catering

I had the pleasure of enjoying a meal by Maui Executive Catering last night. Jeff Sheer is the talented executive chef and wowed us as usual with his  locally sourced, delicious, thoughtful food.


We were their guinea pigs, as they were experimenting with new dishes. Everything was delectable and I’ll happily be a test subject for them anytime. Maui Executive Catering

The colors, visual appeal, taste and texture were all spot on. Also in attendance were two good friends of mine that are also Maui wedding professionals, Kara Byrne from Your Aloha Wedding and Laurie Terry from Makena Weddings. It was so nice to sit and savor an amazing meal with wine, friends and knowledgable chefs that prepare everything right in front of you. If you’re planning a wedding on Maui and are looking for a caterer, Maui Executive Catering is the best on the island. Keep up the good work Jeff, Jason and team!Maui Executive Catering

Maui Executive Catering




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  • Daniel Barreiro

    The “Team” included Executive Chef/Owner Jeff Scheer, creating 3 dishes; Chef Caroline Schaub, creating 2 dishes; Chef Luke Biewick, creating 2 dishes and the Amuse-bouche; and Jason Hacker (owner) and Jessie Yancy running front and back of the house.
    Absolutly defining the word team!!!ReplyCancel