Color Run Maui!

I had the super fun privilege of photographing the Color Run today! It was the first time it has been held on Maui and Maui embraced it! Around 7,000 runners showed up!! Wow! Fun costumes, silly hats, tutus galore and powder EVERYWHERE!  I was stationed at purple and got a bit dowsed myself!  It was held at the Maui College in Kahului and started at 7 AM.

Color Run Maui

The kids were the cutest! All colorful and wide-eyed. They had the the most amazing look of “What the heck is going on!” mixed with “Yes! We can get totally messy and it’s ok!”.

Color Run MauiColor Run MauiColor Run Maui

The Color Run works with a bunch of different charities. You can nominate a charity to be donated to. To date, The Color Run has donated more than $3 million to charity. Check them out here,
Color Run MauiColor Run MauiColor Run Maui


-Wear white so you can see all the awesome colors!

-Get funky with your outfit! Tutus, crazy socks, bobbly headbands, mohawks, etc! Coordinate outfits with your friends!

-Bring protection if you feel inclined! The powder gets EVERYWHERE and will stain your skin until you make it to a soapy shower later on. Face masks, bandanas, sunglasses, turtlenecks, goggles, etc. Close your mouth as you go through the powder stations or you’ll have that color teeth.  Bring a towel for your car seat to prevent a rainbow bottom stain on your seat.

-Put your phone or camera in a ziploc. The powder can get inside little cracks and crevices and not ever come out. If you are photographing the event professionally, PUT A UV FILTER ON! There is a tiny hole in the front of most lenses and if you get dowsed, the powder gets inside and well, it’s not good. It happened to a fellow photographer at the Maui race and she is bummed. Also put a rain sleeve on your camera. It’s a pain to shoot with but helps protect it a lot!

-Drink lots of water.

– And #1…… Have a BLAST!!!!

Color Run Maui

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