WPPI Photo Convention Las Vegas 2014

What a whirlwind! I just got back from WPPI and had a great time. Hosted by the MGM, the Wedding and Portrait Photography International Convention was a gathering of all the top minds and companies in photography. I took 5 classes and spent as much time as possible in the expo. If you’re planning on going next year, here’s what to bring:
Tips for WPPI:
-Comfy shoes
-Water bottle to refill in the classes. Otherwise it’s $5.50 a bottle in the casino. Actually when you arrive in Vegas, stop at a liquor store and stock up on water before you arrive at your hotel.
-Stay at the Signature at MGM. The rooms have a kitchen and are way nicer than MGM rooms.
-Bring a light sweater. It’s a little chilly in the classes.
-Make sure to sign up for your 5 Platform classes, otherwise you have to stand in line to get in.
-note pad to write down all your great ideas
-Have a game plan at the Expo. Plan on what companies you really want to learn about. There are so many that you could just skim over all of them and not really get anything out of it.
-Plan on what you want to buy before you arrive, research reviews and prices. There are usually good show discounts, but you want to feel confident before you purchase things like lenses or a new light system.
-Network! Meet some other photogs and make friends. You never know what you’ll learn from them.
-Have a great time!!

WPPI Las VegasWPPI Las Vegas Smugmug

I was asked to edit my site at the Smugmug Booth! It was fun to see it up on the big screen. : )

WPPI Las Vegas

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